LFFL Week 12 Recap: Seven teams could end up tied with the best record

Peyton Hillis scores 4 times and leads weekly scoring with 40.4 pts


Parity. That has been the buzz word for the NFL all year, and it definitely applies to Fantasy Football this year. As I analyze the results of this past weekend’s games, we could end the year with SEVEN teams tied with the best record in the league at 8-5. That would mean one of those teams gets cut out of the playoffs. How cruel! Such is life…it’s all about the scoreboard, and the team with the most points at the end of the day wins.
Facts as I know them today:

  • Winner of game between Buzzards Nest and Mean Machine clinches Blue Division (unless Gid’s Kids wins and outscores them both by about 75 pts)
  • Unless the AZ Gamblers melt down and lose and the Bulldogs win and outscore them by 94.7 pts, the Gamblers will clinch the Red Division
  • Rat Bastards will clinch the White Division unless MOTU can beat them by 75 pts
  • Twat Lickers, Bulldogs still alive, need to win and some help
  • Teams eliminated from playoffs: Dust Devils, Chandler Monsoon, Hilty’s Heroes, Mike’s Bastards

All matchups from here on out are important; it’s going to be an exciting weekend. I am already getting Night Pains just typing this up.

LFFL stats


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