A True Legend has passed: RIP Ron Santo 1940-2010

RIP Ron Santo

My heart breaks today as one of my favorite guys to listen to and the biggest Cubs fan ever passed away today due to complications from cancer.  He and Harry Carey molded me into the Cubs fan I am today, and provided years of endless entertainment.  I got to shake his hand once at a Spring Training game and asked him how the Cubs were going do that year.  He replied, “I think this is the year”.  [Cubs finished in dead last that year…always the optimist!]

I had to share one of my favorite audio clips of Pat and Ron calling a game; I was actually watching this game, unbelievably crazy finish, and I heard the audio a few days later.  Santo sounded just like I did in my living room when I watched it.  Anyways, enjoy the audio, and RIP Ron Santo.



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