LFFL Week 13 Recap: The Patriots play ‘Destiny Killer’ for 2 LFFL Owners

Playoff Promo


The regular season wraps up with some stunning results based on intense Sunday and Monday night games. The entire post season basically hinged on the MNF game, and not only did the Patriots torch the Jets, they also ripped the hearts out of Twat Lickers and Gid’s Kids everywhere. Unreal, action-packed end to a great season. Mike’s Bastards ride BJGE to the Bullet Train, and the AZ Gamblers limp to the end by taking the final Crappie of the year.

So, the playoffs are here, and for this league, that apparently means one thing: MOTU, The BULLDOGS, and Mean Machine are still playing. For the fourth straight year, all three teams make the playoffs again. MOTU wins, and has nominated themselves as ‘Team of the Year’. BULLDOGS win and take advantage of some luck to get in, and the Mean Machine backslide in after losing the game, #1 seed, Division Title, and first round bye to the Buzzards Nest in the last two mins of the BAL/PITT game when Boldin caught 3 garbage passes, and …..sorry, major Night Pains that evening for me.

  • Mike Martz Trophy: AZ Gamblers
  • Crappie Master: Mike’s Bastards

Toilet Bowl seeds are set: Gid’s Kids (1) and Twat Licker (2) get first round byes.

Playoff Matchups:
(6) BULLDOGS v. (3) AZ Gamblers: Third meeting this year
(5) Machine v. (4) MOTU: Two former Champs square off

Spreadsheet is here http://bit.ly/hjhLkv


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