LFFL Playoffs Round 1: Andre Johnson flexes his Fantasy Muscle

Fantasy Stud Andre Johnson doing his thing

The Final Four. Probably a little more epic for college basketball, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little excited about being 2 wins away from a stack of cash and the Belt!

The AZ Gamblers get their first playoff win by taking advantage of some bad luck that hits The BULLDOGS at the wrong time. Team co-owner Dan VanGosen was quoted as saying, "This is the worst fantasy playoff game ever for me". OK…I think that says it all.

In the other game, all during the day on Sunday, team management from MOTU conceded the match several times. Apparently, the team players didn’t get that memo, and torched the Mean Machine for 68 pts on Monday Night to steamroll to victory.

The Monsoon and Dust Devils advance in the Toilet Bowl. I am sure there are quite a few owners glad that the Dust Devils are not in the playoffs the way they are scoring of late.

Playoff Matchups:

  • (4) MOTU v. (1) Buzzards Nest
  • (3) AZ Gamblers v. (2) Rat Bastards

Spreadsheet is here http://bit.ly/hjhLkv

Night Pains continues….Good Luck!


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