LFFL Playoffs Round 2: Vick is SICK


Round 2 was a weekend of studs. As a wise man once told me, "Always Start Your Studs", no matter what. The top two seeds easily advance behind such names as Rice, Mendenhall, Vick, the Bears, etc., the guys who consistently have put up the numbers this year. So, no surprise who will meet in the finals. The dream run ends for MOTU as the Nest unleash Vick on yet another defenseless team, and the Gamblers luck runs out as the Rat Bastards are just too consistent across the board.

Exact opposite scenario in the Toilet Bowl as the bottom two seeds advance to play for the TB title. Cutler has some MNF magic to lift the Monsoon, and the Dust Devils continue their ‘improbable’ run towards immortality.

A note from the Commish: I am going to be moving to Paypal for all payments going forward. It is free to sign up, free to use if linked to a checking account. Much easier for me to get/collect cash from everyone. If you don’t have a Paypal account, either sign up for one, or if this is a problem, let me know. This years payments/collections will go through Paypal.

Playoff Matchups (all games for money):

  • Title Game:
    (2) Rat Bastards v. (1) Buzzards Nest

Rat Bastards making 2nd title game appearance in 3 years [a dynasty in the making if not for auto-draft last year?] Buzzards Nest riding the Vick wave, making first title game appearance. If only these guys knew 13 years ago when they were driving/moving out to AZ that they would end up here, fighting for the Belt….DRAMA!

  • Third Place:
    (4) MOTU v. (3) AZ Gamblers
  • Toilet Bowl:
    (6) Chandler Monsoon v. (5) Dust Devils

Spreadsheet is here http://bit.ly/hjhLkv
Let’s bring this season to a close with a bang….Good Luck!


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