LFFL Title Game: The Champ is crowned, and he is a Rat Bastard

Josh Freeman is your title game MVP


We have a new champ! What initially looked like two freight trains heading straight for each other in an epic title game turned out to be a walk in the park for the Rat Bastards as they easily dismantle Vick and the Buzzards Nest in the most lopsided title game in the history of the league. Too much consistency across the board. I have chatted with the new champ, and he has nominated Josh Freeman for MVP, and can’t wait to get his hands on the belt, and come back and repeat next year. Bold statement, but well earned.

MOTU finish the season with some perfect waiver wire pickups and end up finishing in the money with 3rd place. The Chandler Monsoon go from first to worst to Toilet Bowl champ in a year, quite a rocky road, but a strong finish after a miserable stretch to end the season.


  1. Rat Bastards: $564.60
  2. Buzzards Nest: $341.60
  3. MOTU: $62.80
  4. AZ Gamblers: $32.00
  5. BULLDOGS: -$39.00
  6. Mean Machine: $27.00
  7. Chandler Monsoon: $12.00
  8. Dust Devils: -$33.00
  9. Hilty’s Heroes: -$37.00
  10. Gid’s Kids: $7.00
  11. Twat Lickers: -$23.00
  12. Mike’s Bastards: -15.00

It was another great season that went by too quickly. I look forward to any feedback on possible rules changes or improvements that we can make in the offseason. We will of course review these during the ‘summer meetings’. Anyone interested in fantasy NASCAR and/or Baseball, we have a few openings…

Spreadsheet is here http://bit.ly/hjhLkv

Thanks for a great season!


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