LFN: JR wins the pole…Surprise!


NASCAR starts this week!  The Great American Race is Sunday [on FOX], and that will mark the beginning of this epic inaugural LFN season.  Dale Jr. wins the pole…who would have thunk it?  All the rosters have been entered in on the spreadsheet on the website.  Please review the spreadsheet; this is how we will be tracking wins, losses, etc.  There may be some confusing columns; if anyone has any questions, let me know.  A couple of IMPORTANT things to note:

  • By default, I have put in as every team’s starting lineup the first two drivers that were drafted for each team.  If you want to change your lineup, let me know, either by text message or email.  You will have until racetime to change your lineup.
  • Fees are due!  $25+$13 [for skins].  Some owners have paid.  Paypal is preferred.  Let’s get this squared away sooner than later…thanks.
  • Anyone wishing to have this event count for the all important Louse Cup needs to make it known.  Rules for the Louse Cup are on the website.

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