Initial Louse Cup rankings are out: The Power of March Madness Challenge evident











The initial standings have been released!  Much like the BCS, quite a calculation to come up with the results.  The standings can be seen in the table on the upper right, as well as on the Louse Cup page located here.  Here is a snapshot of the standings:


To date, the list has only people that I know wanted in.  If I am missing someone off this list, make yourself known!  As you can see from the initial rankings, the March Madness Challenge counts huge with 18 participants.  I would expect these numbers to changes drastically after the Sweet Sixteen.

The rankings will be updated every Tuesday until College Bowl Mania is over; check back to this site every week to catch the standings.  If you are doing well in MM and want to get into the Chase for the Cup, check the rules page to see if you want in, cost is $25.  You don’t have to be in every event to qualify, you just have to do well in the ones you enter.


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