LFN Results – Texas: ……..Mikes Bastards takes down T-Bone?

Damn you Mark Martin

The Texas Motor Speedway proves gold for Matt Kenseth as he plays good strategy and wins, AND propels Mike’s Bastards to an impressive win over previously undefeated T-Bone.  JR Nation gets excited again…but no joy as he finishes in the top 10.  Quite a run for Paul Menard….on someone’s bench…

  • Mike’s Bastards def. T-Bone, 150-113
  • Shake and Bake def. Chandler Smoke, 160-117
  • GMNY Racing def. Donnie Barqs, 105-97
  • Buzz def. Pecos Flames, 140-104
  • Yooper Drive def. FenderBenders, 116-112

Skin: Matt Kenseth (Mike’s Bastards)

Shake and Bake moves up to #2 in the rankings as he makes a snap decision to start Biffle and Bowyer which pays off, and FenderBenders falls to the 2-time defending champ and crumples to 10th in the rankings:

  1. T-Bone, 6-1-0, 919 pts
  2. Shake and Bake, 4-2-1, 829 pts
  3. Buzz, 4-3-0, 927 pts
  4. Donnie Barqs, 4-3-0, 854 pts
  5. Chandler Smoke, 4-3-0, 825 pts
  6. GMNY Racing, 3-4-0, 836 pts
  7. Pecos Flames, 3-4-0, 772 pts
  8. Yooper Drive, 2-4-1, 773 pts
  9. Mike’s Bastards, 2-5-0, 810 pts
  10. FenderBenders, 2-5-0, 789 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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