LFB – Week 3 Recap: Pujols waking up, Bust-Her Posey carves up Diamond Sharp

I could hit him

Week 3 and the closer carousel continues; late inning blowups are continuing to change our match-ups dramatically. Who can be counted on these days? I just got done watching Broxton throw meatballs up to the plate in the 9th against the Marlins and blow it.

Team Vidlund continues his death grip on the early part of this season with a convincing 8-2 milking of HOLY COW; Tulo and Ethier mop up. Team CCI big over Team O’Hallen 9-1, and Diamond Sharp gets dulled by Bust-her Posey 8-2 (clever name change, I like it). This propels BHP to the top of the Harwell Division.

GAME OF THE WEEK:  Donnie Barqs v. Team CCI
Why do you ask? It’s the only game with two teams at .500 or better.

The league can be found here.


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