LFN Results–Richmond: The 39 and 42 exchange pleasantries; Big Daddy gets screwed

Big Daddy…when did he get this nickname?

An impressive run by Rowdy Busch is not enough for T-Bone as GMNY Racing benches Ol’ 5-time and wins.  These short track races are stressful!  Pecos Flames destroys his dad with a 2nd/3rd place finish, and Shake and Bake continues to dominate with a complete dismantling of 2-time defending champ Yooper Drive.

  • Pecos Flames def. Donnie Barqs, 158-119
  • FenderBenders def. Mikes Bastards, 107-83
  • Buzz def. Chandler Smoke, 117-103
  • Shake and Bake def. Yooper Drive, 149-101
  • GMNY Racing def. T-Bone, 132-114

Skin: Kyle Busch (T-Bone)

Buzz makes a move up the Power rankings with a Carl Edwards beatdown of Chandler Smoke….so lucky that the Paul Menard didn’t cost him.  In the ‘Battle of the Bottom Two’, FenderBenders prevails….

 Power Rankings:

  1. T-Bone, 7-2-0, 1,134 pts
  2. Shake and Bake, 6-2-1, 1,121 pts
  3. Buzz, 5-4-0, 1,179 pts
  4. GMNY Racing, 5-4-0, 1,132 pts
  5. Chandler Smoke, 5-4-0, 1,038 pts
  6. Donnie Barqs, 4-5-0, 1,060 pts
  7. Pecos Flames, 4-5-0, 999 pts
  8. Yooper Drive, 3-5-1, 1,002 pts
  9. FenderBenders, 3-6-0, 982 pts
  10. Mikes Bastards. 2-7-0, 967 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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