LFB–Week 4 Recap: My Balls Ichiro scratches way to top of the Power Rankings

No sandwich for Bill Buckner?

While it is still fairly early in the season, we are starting to see some separation between the teams that are hot right now, and the teams that are battling injuries and slumps. One trend I don’t see slowing down is the amount of transactions Sweet Chin Music is making.

Some pretty lopsided games this week with a few going 9-1 and 8-2. It was a big week for offense with several teams batting near .300. My Balls Ichiro rises to the top of the Power Rankings as they close down closer-less Team O’Hallen. Team Kelly serves up Team Vidlund their first L of the year.

* EXECUTIVE DECISION * I have decided that the first team that gets beaten 0-10 will have the ‘Loser’ trophy named after them. For a while this week it looked like it was going to be called ‘Goosen’s Goose Egg’, but not to be.

GAME OF THE WEEK: Diamond Sharp v. Sweet Chin Music
SCM could vault back into first place with a rout of Sharp, who’s brutal beginning season schedule plays on.

The league can be found here.


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