LFB–Week 7 Recap: Apparently someone can stop Team Vidlund’s Pitching staff


Well now….injuries continue to pile up, can anyone stay healthy? I’ve never seen such a weak pool of available players. Someone has to win these games though, right?

A new team ‘rises’ to the top…not really, but limps up there as all the top teams look pretty lame this week. Diamond Sharp with a lame 4-5-1 loss takes over the #1 slot. Team Vidlund gets fizzled by Donnie Barqs, 7-2-1, and HOLY COW puts fellow Cub fan Team Kelly in the cooler with an 8-2 drubbing.

Team CCI is good enough to get into a virtual tie with Team Vidlund for the Gammons division lead. Things in these division races will start ‘shaping up’ in these next couple of weeks as certain teams will hit their mid-season strides.


Team Roberts v. Team O’Hallen
The game of the week, now with a sponsor! I like this matchup as both these teams have won 3 straight weeks and are playing tough.

The league can be found here.


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