LFB–Week 8 Recap: Donnie Barqs making his move

How do I get to this Fan Cave?

The story so far this year has to be the injuries; wish I didn’t have to keep coming back to this, but it is really affecting teams and their decision making with regards to the waiver wire. Here’s to hoping everyone is healthy for the last month of the season.

Biggest win of the week? Donnie Barqs flips up A-K-Q suited and takes down Team Kelly, 8-2. This puts Mr. Barqs in 6th overall and in second in the Caray Division. The other big victory was Sweet Chin Music flipping up a K and screwing Team CCI 6-2-2. SCM keeps pace with Diamond Sharp, only 3 games out of first.


Team Vidlund v. Diamond Sharp
#2 v #3 in the Power Rankings. Diamond Sharp claims he just has to go .500 the rest of the year to ‘lock this thing up’. We’ll have to see about that!

The league can be found here.


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