LFB–Week 10 Recap: My Balls Ichiro Pitching his way to the title?

I’m all for it

Greetings from a cool and relaxed Portland! Of course, there is no MLB team in this city, so I can’t do any in person scouting this week. There were two guys in the bar tonight talking soccer….not sure about this city just yet.

Biggest win of the week, part three? My Balls Ichiro teaches the suddenly streaking Donnie Barqs just who is top dog in this league with a 7-2-1 thrashing, sweeping all 5 pitching categories. ‘Mr. .500’ does just a little better than that with a 6-4 win over Team CCI. Team O’Hallen also brings out the lumber and dominates Bust-Her Posey 6-2-2.


Team Vidlund v. Sweet Chin Music
#3 against #2; couldn’t come at a better time. I see the projected playoff bracket has surfaced on the standings page….start gripping #7-#12 teams!

The league can be found here.


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