LFN Results–Kentucky: The Rise of the Pecos Flames?


The inaugural race in ‘Neck’-Tucky is another snoozer, with Kyle Busch dominating most of the race. 

  • Look out for…the Pecos Flames?  Left for dead in a tough division a while ago, the trade for the 22 seems to have ignited something as they win again over the gambling Donnie Barqs and have moved into playoff contention. 
  • Look out for…FenderBenders?  They score a convincing win over division leading Shake and Bake and are right in the thick of things in the tight Petty Division.
  • Look out for…Yooper Drive?  A win last week and another excellent week by the 24 and the 6 and Ol’ 2-time is back in the mix as well


  • FenderBenders def. Shake and Bake, 139-92
  • Yooper Drive def. Mike’s Bastards, 136-116
  • GMNY Racing def. Chandler Smoke, 117-112
  • Pecos Flames def. Donnie Barqs, 149-129
  • Buzz def. T-Bone, 130-117

Skin: Kyle Busch (T-Bone), $5

Wow, is it tight in the standings or what?  The next few weeks will be exciting.  Apparently the week isn’t over yet for the Chandler Smoke as GMNY Racing holds on for victory and maintains the top spot in this weeks Power Rankings:

  1. GMNY Racing, 12-6-0, 2,212 pts
  2. Shake and Bake, 9-8-1, 2,110 pts
  3. Buzz, 11-7-0, 2,306 pts
  4. T-Bone, 10-8-0, 2,150 pts
  5. Pecos Flames, 9-9-0, 2,187 pts
  6. Donnie Barqs, 9-9-0, 2,157 pts
  7. Chandler Smoke, 9-9-0, 2,071 pts
  8. Yooper Drive, 8-9-1, 2,122 pts
  9. FenderBenders, 8-10-0, 2,024 pts
  10. Mike’s Bastards, 4-14-0, 1,923 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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