LFB–Week 14 Recap: Team CCI Steals 19 bases in 1 week…enough said

Mr. November does it in style

Well….where do I start? An incredible week to end the first half of the MLB season and wind down the fantasy season as Mr. November gets #3,000 in style. Here are 3 quick facts:

  • Only 4 matchups left in the regular season for us.
  • Trade Deadline is July 28th.
  • This upcoming matchup is a week and a half long, starts on Thursday.

Team CCI comes 1 RBI away from completing the first 10-0-0 sweep in the LFB as they STEAL their way to a 9-0-1 win over Team O’Hallen. I was already shining up the ‘Big O’s Zero’ trophy, but…not to be. With 6 steals on Sunday, a Chasing History nod is forthcoming. Also winning big this week, G Moneyball flirted with a 10-0-0 win, but a much closer matchup, winning 8-1-1 against Sweet Chin Music. And last but not least, my Old School vs. New School matchup of the week goes horribly for…Old School, with Team Vidlund thumping HOLY COW, 8-2.


I must point out that last week, Team Kelly broke the ERA record and it was not duly noted in my weekly wrap up. (I was suffering Vegas withdrawals when I typed that up.) So, congrats to Team Kelly. Now…to this week, amazing, 4 records were broken, and one record was tied:

STEALS: 19, Team CCI
RUNS: 56, G Moneyball
K’s: 102, G Moneyball
WINS: 10, G Moneyball
SAVES: 9, Donnie Barqs

Donnie Barqs vs. Team Roberts
Here’s why I like this matchup: these teams are #7 and #8 in the playoff chase, and this is a long matchup, can’t afford to give away any points now!

The league can be found here.


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