LFB–Week 16 Recap: It’s ‘Show Up’ or ‘Shut Up’ time as the playoffs loom

If you watch closely, LeBron traveled

So…the trade deadline has passed and we have only two weeks to go in the regular season. Is it just me or has it gone by all too fast? With such little time left, teams are either positioning for a long playoff run, or reviewing Fantasy Football cheatsheets at the moment.

A ho-hum week of games, no real whoppers, although, Sweet Chin Music keeps his assault on the free agents, other teams rosters, and the scoreboard as they win 7-3 over BHP and are on top of the rankings. Let’s talk divisions: None of them are clinched just yet, although Team Vidlund has a healthy 11 game lead in the Gammons Division and Team CCI would need a monumental collapse to win it. The other two divisions are both up for grabs. Should make for an exciting finish to the season!

Sweet Chin Music vs. Diamond Sharp
In a strange scheduling quirk, these two teams play each other this week AND next week; the winner basically wins the Harwell Division with SCM holding a slim 2 game lead at the moment. I like it!

The league can be found here.


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