LFB–Week 17 Recap: Diamond Sharp Cruises in Game One of the Division-Deciding Doubleheader

How many fights have the Phillies been in this year?

One more week to go in the regular season, and the playoff picture is starting to take shape, but is not official by any means! 4 teams are in for sure: Diamond Sharp, Team Vidlund, My Balls Ichiro, and Sweet Chin Music. Diamond Sharp takes Game 1 of his Division-Deciding Doubleheader with a 7-2-1 thumping of SCM. Team Vidlund somehow comes from a 3-7 deficit on Sunday to a 5-4-1 win over G Moneyball, and My Balls Ichiro cruises 7-3 over Holy Cow. This is why these teams are in the playoffs…they keep on winning!

Technically, no division is wrapped up, but it would take some big swings in two of the divisions to change the outcome. Team Vidlund has a 9.5 game lead over Team CCI, and My Balls Ichiro has an 8 game lead over G Moneyball. The more interesting race is for the last two playoff spots. Taking SCM out of it since they are already in, here is the race for the final two spots (using the 5th place team as the standard):

5. Team CCI, 83-74-13, 0 gms back
6. G Moneyball, 82-77-11, 2 gms back

7. Donnie Barqs, 78-83-9, 7 games back
8. Team Roberts, 77-85-8, 8.5 games back
9. Bust-Her-Posey, 76-85-9, 9 games back

Team CCI plays G Moneyball this week, and if one team crushes the other, someone in the 7-9 spot could sneak in with a big win of their own. I know I won’t sleep well this week thinking about it.

Sweet Chin Music vs. Diamond Sharp

Game 2 will decide the division as DS holds a 3 game lead at the moment…dare I say ‘Night Pains’?

The league can be found here.


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