LFB–Week 18 Recap: Bring on the Playoffs!

Hmm…very interesting

The regular season is over, and although some teams made some valiant efforts, only 6 six teams can make the playoffs, and the field is set (and underway!). "Mr. 0.500" Diamond Sharp takes care of business and claims the Harwell Division and earns the Rod Allen ‘Filthy’ Trophy for the best record in the regular season.

In a big switch-a-roo, My Balls Ichiro wallops Team Vidlund and takes the #2 seed and the first round bye. Kevin Gregg posts an ‘INF’ ERA for the day, and slides Team CCI down to the 6th seed with a loss to G Moneyball, who moves up to the 5th seed. Crazy day!

Donnie Barqs tried his best, but came up just short. A note to teams who are not in the playoffs: KEEP PLAYING! These are valuable Louse Cup points as the consolation bracket will determine your final standing.

Note: Chasing History is over for the year, as are the sponsored Games of the Week since every game is now huge.

(5) G Moneyball vs. (4) Sweet Chin Music
(6) Team CCI vs. (3) Team Vidlund

The league can be found here.


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