LFFL–Week 2 Recap: Two straight headline weeks for Mikes Bastards? You bet with 168.9 pts in Week 2

At what cost, though?

Week 2 in the books and this just in from the NFL: There were more TD’s scored in the first two weeks of this season than any other season in the history of the league. Good news for fantasy owners! In looking at the two games I picked as Key Matchups last week, looks like Mikes Bastards IS for real with an utter destruction of the Twats, scoring 168.9 pts, capturing the franchise’s 4th Bullet Train, and leaping into the #1 spot in the rankings. (Current high score record incidentally is held by the Twats, 178.1 pts, Week 11, 2009).

In the other key matchup, the Vick/Romo Show does enough to exact a little revenge against the other Bastards. Other notes:

  • ESPN has apparently created a ‘GMC Never-Say-Never’ Trophy, given to the team who wins the closest game of the week. So….right…keep your eyes peeled for that.
  • The Dust Devils, BULLDOGS (160.9 pts!), and the Machine all bounce back from opening week losses.
  • Gids Kids need to hit the books as they score a measly 72.3 pts and capture the Crappie.
  • Three teams at 2-0 (M. Bastards, Heroes, Nest). Three teams at 0-2 (MOTU, Gamblers, Kids).

NOTE: Friendly Commish reminder…I did receive some payments this week; just a couple people left to pay.

Key Matchups: Week 3
The Machine (1-1) v. Mikes Bastards (2-0): A friendly wager has been placed on this outcome…so of course it is key!
Hilty’s Heroes (2-0) v. Chandler Monsoon (1-1): Same teams playing in LFB World Series this week. Quite a ‘Week of Justice’ for both.

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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