LFFL–Week 3 Recap: Dust Devils score ugly win over Buzzards Nest

Leinart with the clipboard rules

First round Divisional Play ends, and nothing could be uglier than the Dust Devils 73.6-71.3 sickening win over Buzzard’s Nest. Earlier today, Dust Devils management released this statement: "That was the ‘junkiest’ win I ever recorded in fantasy football." It was tragic watching Tony Romo, busted up, creeping the score closer and closer, and flame out in the end. My opinion: A win is a win, no matter what the score. Unless that score is 73.6.

Other notes:

  • All teams are off the ‘schnide’ as the Gamblers, Kids, and MOTU all score their first wins.
  • The Machine easily cashes in Mikes Bastards reality check and takes over the division lead.
  • Only one undefeated team left: the vacationing Hilty’s Heroes at 3-0, who has an early 2 game lead in the division.
  • Despite averaging only 88.7 pts a game, which is 13 pts lower than the next lowest, the Dust Devils are 2-1.

Key Matchups: Week 4
Gid’s Kids (1-2) v. AZ Gamblers (1-2): Don’t want to fall to 3 losses in these divisions
Hilty’s Heroes (3-0) v. Dust Devils (2-1): Who will win ugly?

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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