LFB–Playoffs: Weeks Of Justice ends, we have a Champion

Collapse of a Nation

A truly incredible night in baseball to end the MLB regular season also provides high drama in our championship match. It literally came down to the final games of the regular season! From the beginning of the matchup, it looked like it was going to be a walk in the park for My Balls Ichiro as they jumped out to a quick lead. However, ‘Mr. 0.500’ knew that, well, he just need to be 0.500 at the end of the match to win. Chris Carpenter nuts up and throws a CG 2 hitter, and Ichiro’s EIGHT relief pitchers (interesting strategy) can’t hold on as Kyle Farnsworth and Jim Johnson blow the WHIP category and force a 5-5-0 tie, which goes to the #1 seed. WHIP ended at 1.206 to 1.208…WOW, it was really quite dramatic.

So…WEEKS OF JUSTICE is over, and congrats to our inaugural champ, Diamond Sharp.

Final standings with winnings:

  1. Diamond Sharp, $150
  2. My Balls Ichiro, $100
  3. Sweet Chin Music
  4. Team CCI
  5. Team Vidlund, $50
  6. G Moneyball
  7. Team Roberts
  8. Bust-her Posey
  9. Donnie Barqs
  10. Team Kelly
  11. Team O’Hallen
  12. HOLY COW

It was a great inaugural season for LFB, hope everyone comes back for next year. See you in March for the draft!


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