LFFL–Week 4 Recap: Bulldogs push The Champ to a weak 1-3 record

The Year of the QB continues into Week 4 with several standout performances (Rodgers, 49.6 pts, Newton, 36 pts, Vick, 34 pts), and how ‘bout them….Lions? Not only are they 4-0, they are getting quality fantasy production out of Stafford/Megatron. This is good news for the only unbeaten team in the LFFL, Hilty’s Heroes, who gets just enough out of Dallas Clark on MNF to squeeze by the Dust Devils. Who will crack first? The Lions or the Heroes?

Other notes:

  • Buzzards Nest scores his 2nd Bullet Train of the year, and 11th overall in the history of the league with a drubbing of brother-in-law Twat Licker, who can’t seem to get much going aside from A-Rod.
  • Mike’s Bastards, you can thank me now for talking you out of drafting Carlson Palmer with your last pick in the draft. Your pick instead: CAM NEWTON. MB improves to 3-1, and has not made a single transaction yet, waiver wire or trade.
  • The defending champ falls to 1-3 with a lackluster showing against the BULLDOGS, collecting the Crappie. (Did Crawdad deliver that Crappie in person I wonder?)
  • 5 teams are log-jammed in at 2-2. With the BYE weeks starting this week, I expect to see a flurry of waiver wire transactions; get your requests in early and often.

Key Matchups: Week 5

The Buldogs (2-2) v. Mike’s Bastards (3-1): Two high scoring teams clash

Chandler Monsoon (1-3) v. Rat Bastards (1-3): Last two champs fight to avoid going 1-4

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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