LFFL–Week 5 Recap: Chandler Monsoon push defending champ to 1-4

This was me today

Greetings from the LBC. Currently in Long Beach for business; been looking for Cube or Dre or a Fat Burger, but no luck yet. On to the recap; the Chandler Monsoon right the ship a bit as they put a whipping on poor ol’ Rat Bastards and send the Rat to their second Crappie in as many weeks. Defending champs are 1-4.

Other notes:

  • What can we say about the other Bastards? Dominating again, they take the their 2nd Bullet Train of the year. Who says you need to have a stud RB?
  • Hilty’s Heroes remain top of the table, currently 5-0 (just like the Lions!). The self-glossed ‘Year of Hilts’ continues…stay tuned.
  • No team in the White Division scores over 100 pts this week, and they all go winless. Not a good week.
  • The Twat Licker hangs in behind A-Rod and whisks away the Dust Devils. Really Dust Devils…that is quite a low scoring average!

Key Matchups: Week 6
MOTU (2-3) v. Hilty’s Heroes (5-0): We’ve never had a team start 6-0
Twat Licker (2-3) v. AZ Gamblers (3-2): Don’t know why…but like the matchup!

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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