LFFL–Week 6 Recap: Heroes make LFFL history, stay undefeated

C’mon Marshall…

A fairly low scoring week by most accounts, but some exciting games none-the-less. We have one team who has made LFFL history; Hilty’s Heroes become the first team to start the season a perfect 6-0 as they ride Jordy Nelson? and Fred Jackson? to crush MOTU by 41 pts. How long will this streak last? Do we dare start tracking ‘CHASING HISTORY’?

Other notes:

  • Forget winning titles…Buzzards Nest will just keep winning Bullet Trains and cashing in, taking this week’s Train, which makes 3 in 6 weeks. They are the all-time leader in Bullet Trains.
  • The Bulldogs are back to .500 as they coast to 43 pt victory over the scoring buzzsaw known as the Dust Devils. Remember, you can’t ‘Suck for Luck’ in fantasy.
  • AZ Gamblers can’t capitalize on Bradshaw’s 32 pts and score a weak 80.4 pts to collect the Crappie. (Is the Alex Smith Experiment over yet?)
  • Chandler Monsoon win the GMC Never Say Never award as they win by 0.6 pts over the Machine. It literally came down to the last play in MNF and Brandon Marshall’s jelly hands.

Key Matchups: Week 7: FAMILY EDITION
Mike’s Bastards (4-2) v. Hilty’s Heroes (6-0): Which team is for real?
Gid’s Kids (1-5) v. Chandler Monsoon (3-3): Father v. Son…sure to be a barn-burner

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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