LFN Chase–Round 2: Barqs squeezes by, wins by 3, will meet Buzz in the finals

Good race, good finish

A valiant effort goes for not as Shake and Bake do their best, but come up 3 points short as Donnie Barqs advances to the finals.  Clint Bowyer won…but the #2 does his part and the Barqs advance.

  • Buzz def. T-Bone, 436-316
  • Donnie Barqs def. Shake and Bake, 396-393

The incredible run by Paul Menard continues, and so does Team Buzz, as they advance to the finals with a complete destruction of Team T-Bone.  In other news, spots 5-10 are set.  GMNY Racing secures 5th place with a 366-343 win over FenderBenders.  The Pecos Flames win the 7th spot as they put a 60 point beatdown on Ol’ 2-time, and Mike’s Bastards claims the 11 spot with a 70 pt whupping of the depleted Chandler Smoke.

So, the finals are set; the next 4 weeks will be exciting as the last two teams will ‘race it out’ and determine the inaugural LFN winner.

LFN Finals:

#1 Buzz vs. #3 Donnie Barqs

Consolation Race:

#2 Shake and Bake vs. #4 T-Bone

Last 6 standings:

  • 5. GMNY Racing
  • 6. FenderBenders
  • 7. Pecos Flames
  • 8. Yooper Drive
  • 9. Mike’s Bastards
  • 10. Chandler Smoke

Full results/standings are here.


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