LFFL–Week 8 Recap: The Battle for the Ramp is no battle at all; easy win for the Nest

Lesean McCoy has career day

Greetings from Minneapolis (aka, Hellmouth). I flew in during the Vikings bye week to have contract extension talks with AP (and check in on new acquisition, CP). To the results…The Battle for the Ramp turns into a bloodbath as Buzzards Nest corral the Bulldogs, holding them to a Crappie-worthy 77.2 pts. That’s 3 straight wins for the Nest, who now hold a 3 game division lead with only 5 games to play.

Other notes:

  • The Monsoon hang in and get a monster game from Lesean McCoy and take down hard luck loser MOTU as DeMarco Murray doesn’t repeat last weeks performance.
  • Vegas was good for 2 teams (Heroes, Machine), but not so kind for the other. AZ Gamblers busts as Mike’s Bastards pushes all in and takes the game, 123.9-87.9. I bet the Lions wish they could face TRT every week.
  • What is this I see, a 15 pt game out of Nick Novak and the Dust Devils win by 0.4 pts over Gid’s Kids. Perhaps the Dust Devils should ‘sell high’ on Novak?

IMPORTANT: The trade deadline is next Wed., November 9th. Anyone thinking of making a trade must get active and get it in by then.

Key Matchups: Week 9
Twat Licker (4-4) v. Chandler Monsoon (4-4): #5 vs. #6…Crucial game for both
Hilty’s Heroes (7-1) v. Buzzards Nest (6-2): #1 vs. #3…who has the better team this week?

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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