LFFL–Week 9 Recap: Dust Devils Torch Mike’s Bastards with 175.1 pts, take Bullet Train

I don’t remember asking you a goddamn thing

Quite a week…starting to feel like football weather, right? Each week I try to find a video of the highest scoring player on a team that wins; typed in ‘Vincent Jackson’ into Youtube, got ‘Vincent’ Vega and Samuel ‘Jackson’ scene. I like it…I wish these guys were my starting WR’s! Speaking of VJ, perhaps I can best sum up the Dust Devils performance this week as ‘Shock and Awe’ as the lowest scoring team in the league (Devils) TORCHES the highest scoring team (Mike’s Bastards) this week and collects their first Train of the year. Look out now, almost back to 0.500, Devils!

Other notes:

  • The Heroes are…Bears fans? They were for MNF as the Bears hold down Vick and the Eagles, and the Heroes are 8-1.
  • AZ Gamblers keep up pace with the other playoff-hungry teams with major garbage points from ‘Philip’ and take down the def. champ Rat Bastards. Come on, TRT, can you bring the Rat Bastards some luck?
  • The BULLDOGS may want to think about a trip to the vet as they get muzzled by The Machine, and take their second straight Crappie. House cleaning coming?

IMPORTANT: The trade deadline is tomorrow, November 9th.
IMPORTANT: Thursday games start this week with Raiders v. Chargers

Key Matchups: Week 10
Dust Devils (4-5) v. AZ Gamblers (4-5): Can’t afford to fall off pace now
MOTU (4-5) v. Twat Licker (4-5): Ditto

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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