LFN Chase–Final Round: Buzz coasts to first ever LFN Title

WAR Smoke

Love him or hate him, Tony Stewart is the man as he officially TIES his way to win the Sprint Cup title.  Personally…I like him, and congrats to the Office Depot #14.  Sour grapes for the #99, but not for Team Buzz as he rides the #99 and #27 all the way and coasts to the LFN Title over hard luck loser Donnie Barqs.  Edwards was just too tough down the stretch; even though Barqs had 3 drivers in the Chase, they just couldn’t handle the consistency of Team Buzz.

  • Buzz def. Donnie Barqs, 554-486
  • T-Bone def. Shake and Bake, 510-465

My thanks to everyone to making this a great season; looking forward to the next season and the draft at the annual Hiltunen Super Bowl Party!  Here are the final standings, with winnings, including skins:

  1. Buzz, $185
  2. Donnie Barqs, $80
  3. T-Bone, $20
  4. Shake and Bake, $25
  5. GMNY Racing, $5
  6. FenderBenders
  7. Pecos Flames, $20
  8. Yooper Drive, $30
  9. Mike’s Bastards, $15
  10. Chandler Smoke

For those who have won money, let me know if you would like to get paid out, or leave that in your Louse Gaming account for future leagues (I am keeping track, have a spreadsheet with everyone’s balance).

Full results/standings are here.


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