LFFL–Week 11 Recap: Two teams clinch Playoff berth; Heroes claim Blue Division Title

Time to make some $$$

We head for the home stretch as division play resumed, and I feel like a broken record as I mention MORE crucial injuries this week (AP, Cutler). Even with the IR this year, it has been difficult to field a team these last few weeks. To win, you have to avoid injuries, or, in the case of the Nest, just reload and keep scoring points as they capture their 4th Train of the Year (wow) and clinch a playoff spot with a critical win over MOTU. MOTU will most likely have to win out to keep their 4-year playoff streak alive.

Congrats also go to another team dodging injuries, the Heroes have clinched the Blue Division title with a convincing win over 3rd-time-in-4-weeks-Crappie-winner, THE BULLDOGS. Never thought I would ever type that sentence….

Other notes:

  • I never like to call a team an underdog in fantasy football, but let’s just say two teams under 0.500 (Twat Licker, Gid’s Kids) beat two teams over .500 (The Machine, Mikes Bastards) this week. Much needed for the Licker who stay alive, just a good feeling for the Kid’s as they are eliminated from playoff contention.
  • We will have a new champ this year as the Rat Bastards give a valiant effort but come up short and are eliminated from the playoffs, losing against the suddenly charging Dust Devils.
  • We’ve never had a team under .500 make the playoffs, so…teams on life support: BULLDOGS and AZ Gamblers need a miracle.

Key Matchups: Week 12
Twat Licker (5-6) v. Mikes Bastards (6-5): HUGE
MOTU (5-6) v. Dust Devils (6-5): Double HUGE

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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