LFFL–Week 12 Recap: Five Teams are in; Four teams battling for last spot

Drew Brees is tough…

Greetings from Hancock. FYI – The Ambassador still makes a pretty good shrimp and ham pizza. To the results…Perhaps we need to crown a new Mr. Monday night. Drew Brees goes legend, and Victor Cruz helps as well as the BULLDOGS get 73 pts from two players on MNF and put a damper in the Monsoon playoff chase.

Playoff scenario: As I look at it, 5 teams have clinched and are in. Buzzards Nest clinched the White Division crown this week. Other teams that are in: Heroes, Mike’s Bastards, The Machine, and Dust Devils. The last spot is up for grabs; there are 4 teams who could get it. For the Monsoon, it’s simple: win and your in. If the Monsoon stumble, any one of the 5-7 teams could sneak in with a win and the right amount of points.

Other notes:

  • Trophies this week: Mike’s Bastards take their 3rd Bullet Train of the year; Gid’s Kids sinks to their 2nd Crappie
  • Speaking of Mike’s Bastards, they will play for a division title this week with a game against the Machine. Winner of this game takes the Red Division (and more importantly, $75)

Key Matchups: Week 13
Mike’s Bastards (7-5) v. The Machine (8-4): For the Red and $75
Chandler Monsoon (6-6) v. Hilty’s Heroes (10-2): Win and in for Monsoon

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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