LFFL–Week 13 Recap: Monsoon get in, Mike’s Bastards roll to claim the Red

Plenty of highlights for the last week

The regular season is over, and the playoff field is set! In a must win situation, the Monsoon get just enough out of gimpy Antonio Gates on MNF and squeeze by #1 seed Hilty’s Heroes to claim the #5 seed. The rivalry lives on…

In the other big game, the Machine ownership will be having nightmares for weeks of Cam Newton jumping into the endzone and Shonn Greene finally doing something as Mike’s Bastards:

  1. Claim the Red Division Title with a resounding win, will be #3 seed
  2. Claim their 2nd straight Bullet Train and 4th of the year
  3. Claim the Mike Martz Trophy for most points scored in the regular season

Quite a weekend; for their first trip to the playoffs, they will face the #6 Dust Devils.

Other notes:

  • For the first time ever, we have a TIE for Crawdad’s Crappie: Dust Devils and the Rat Bastards both claim the last Crappie of the Year.
  • Speaking of the Crappie, the Crappie Master Trophy gets awarded to….Gid’s Kids, fewest points in the regular season. Sounds like the Kids need summer school.
  • A quick salute to a couple teams: MOTU and the BULLDOGS each fail to qualify for the playoffs for the first time in league history, which ends both teams’ 4-year runs. A good run; I’m sure we’ll see both of you back soon enough.

Playoffs: Round 1
#6 Dust Devils v. #3 Mike’s Bastards: High scoring or low scoring?
#5 Chandler Monsoon v. #4 The Machine: Should be an interesting weekend in the cabana

Toilet Bowl: Round 1
#12 Gid’s Kids v. #9 The BULLDOGS
#11 Rat Bastards
v. #10 AZ Gamblers

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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