LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 2: Heroes, Nest to fight for the Belt










Perhaps the prophecy IS true. Perhaps the elders HAVE predicted this correctly. Is it possible that 2011 truly is, ‘The Year of Hilts’? We will find out next weekend as the Heroes DECIMATE the Machine by 78.8 pts, the most lopsided playoff game in league history. Can the Lions…ERRRR…Heroes do it one more time?

In the other, closer game, Mike’s Bastards jumped out early with their two big QB guns, but the Nest was nary concerned as we have a Ryan Mathews sighting, and the #2 seed wins a close one by 8.4 pts. Last year’s runner-up advances to 2nd straight Title game.

In the Toilet Bowl, the other Bastards will not quit, and will play the Twat Licker in the final. All teams are in action again this weekend.

Playoffs: Final Round
Title Game:
#2 Buzzards Nest v. #1 Hilty’s Heroes: Who will win their first Title?

3rd Place Game:
#4 The Machine v. #3 Mike’s Bastards: Rubber match for $$$

Toilet Bowl: Final
#11 Rat Bastards v. #8 Twat Licker

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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