LFFL–Playoffs, Rd. 3: Hilty’s Heroes claim first Title

2011 is their year

For the 5th straight year, we have a first time champion as Hilty’s Heroes were really never in any danger all weekend, catch a lucky break with Romo getting hurt on the first play, and easily take the Belt. For the 2nd straight year, Buzzards Nest get bombarded and finish 2nd. I have spoken with the new champ, and he has something special planned upon his acceptance of the Belt; stay tuned.

Mike’s Bastards finish strong and take down the Machine to secure 3rd place. The Twat Licker capture the much coveted Toilet Bowl.


  1. Hilty’s Heroes: $516.60
  2. Buzzards Nest: $351.60
  3. Mike’s Bastards: $241.80
  4. Mean Machine: -$3.00
  5. Chandler Monsoon: -$29.00
  6. Gilbert Dust Devils: -$13.00
  7. The Twat Licker: $10.00
  8. Team RAT BASTARDS: -$124.00
  9. AZ Gamblers: -$45.00
  10. THE BULLDOGS: -$58.00
  11. Masterbators of the Universe: -$9.00
  12. Gid’s Kids: -$39.00

Everyone knows the drill; payments will come once the people who owe money have paid. For some of you who are in other Louse Cup games, you may have a balance with me and we can discuss squaring up for the year separately. Thanks for the great season; we’ll see you all next year!

Spreadsheet is located here: LFFL stats.


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