LFN Results–Phoenix: I’m Bulletproof now, Baby! …Inside joke…Hamlin Wins

I believe that is me

Well now…let’s go racing boys!  Four of the owners were in attendance to the 2012 Subway Fresh Fit 500, and the video above proves it…the start of the race!  Nothing too controversial, solid race, everyone must feel better about their team after last week.  Except…the 0-2 teams.  To the results:

  • Buzz def. Barqs Motorsports, 63.00-51.50
  • Shake and Bake def. Yooper Drive, 99.75-85.25
  • Chandler Smoke def. Conn’s Bastards, 80.25-68.75
  • Happy Hour JR Machine def. Pecos Flames, 85.5-63.75
  • Fender Benders def. T-Bone, 73.00-69.75

Skin: Denny Hamlin (Happy Hour JR Machine), $5

Whoa! Close matchup between Fender Benders and T-Bone, and this new scoring is starting to take effect.  RACE DAY is IMPORTANT.  I told Denny this at the race today, and that’s why he won.  Bottom line…enough said.  Shake and Bake looking strong early…

Power Rankings:

  1. Shake and Bake, 2-0, 182.00 pts
  2. Happy Hour JR Machine, 2-0, 156.50 pts
  3. Pecos Flames, 1-1, 157.25 pts
  4. Conn’s Bastards, 1-1, 142.25 pts
  5. Barqs Motorsports, 1-1, 138.50 pts
  6. Chandler Smoke, 1-1, 132.00 pts
  7. Buzz, 1-1, 121.00 pts
  8. Fender Benders, 1-1, 114.50 pts
  9. Yooper Drive, 0-2, 126.75 pts
  10. T-Bone, 0-2, 118 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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