LFB–Week 1 Recap: Team CCI sets the pace with dominate pitching

How garbage is this place??

Baseball is back!  The first matchups are concluded, stretched out over a few weeks (screw the Tokyo games, BTW).  It was not a great couple of weeks for closers…not at all.  Wow.  Just goes to prove the point:  DON’T PAY FOR SAVES.  Team CCI had all the right moves in the pitching category, getting 2 wins out of Chad Billingsley and setting the (very) early pace, taking down Bust-her Posey, 6-3-1.

The Sunday Night game proved to be crucial as there were some interesting results that came out of it:

  • Donnie Barqs chooses to keep Ivan Nova in the lineup with pitching categories already locked up…and loses ERA and WHIP when Nova gets rocked (but did get a win)
  • My Balls Ichiro benches Howie Kendrick to preserve the AVG category over HOLY COW.  0.2322 to 0.2315; quite a slugfest.
  • Team Kelly and G Moneyball came down two players in the AVG category: Cano v. Swisher on Sunday night.  In the closest category win ever, G Moneyball takes the category by 0.0001 point.


There was no Chasing History last week since it was a long matchup, but I will be tracking the categories this week; we’ll see if any records will fall this year.  Still looking for that trophy name when some one goes 0-10-0 in a week.


Sweet Chin Music v. My Balls Ichiro

Has to be, right?  Well, on paper it looked good to me; should be a matchup dominated by pitching…so good that baseball is back!

The league can be found here.


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