LFB–Week 2 Recap: Team Kelly opens up a can of Whup-A$$ on CCI

Good ol’ days…

Greetings from…Baltimore.  I am in town to have contract talks with a few players (Just had drinks in the lobby bar with A. Jones); hopefully will get to a game in the next few days.  Team Kelly making mince meat of the Gammons division so far with an impressive 8-1-1 thumping of Team CCI.  It was looking like an 0-10-0 for a while there, but CCI ‘rallies’ on Sunday.  HOLY COW takes advantage of a lumped up Team Roberts for the 6-3-1 win, and Team Vidlund settling in nicely with the auto-draft team.


The first official week of Chasing History, and one record falls!  Another one is tied:

New – RBI’s: 61, Diamond Sharp

Tie – HR’s: 18, Diamond Sharp


I Trust Theo v. Donnie Barqs

Two teams with excellent first weeks only to have mediocrity hit in Week 2; who will pull ahead in this close division?

The league can be found here.


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