LFB–Week 4 Recap: Theo, Vidlund, Posey hand down some hard justice

Stealing home is always impressive

Rout.  It’s a word we use to describe a beatdown, a humiliation, a boat race, a massacre, a no contest.  You never want to be on the wrong side of a rout, but unfortunately for 3 teams this week, they went to bed Sunday night with the salty taste of ‘rout’ in their mouth.  I Trust Theo…9-1-0 over G Moneyball.  Team Vidlund…7-1-2 over Team Roberts.  Bust-Her-Posey…8-1-1 over HOLY COW.  Brilliant for some…ugly for others.

In other news…the defending champ cools off Team Kelly just a bit with a close 5-4-1 victory, and the other two matchups end up in a tie.  The standings got quite a wakeup call this early in the season.


None (props to Sharp and Kelly for tying this week with 15 HR’s each)


Sweet Chin Music v. Team Kelly

#1 v. #3 in the standings, two division leaders.  As I write this I think SCM has already used up 5 of 7 transactions for the week.  Quite a matchup!

The league can be found here.

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