LFB–Week 6 Recap: We have a LOSER

A little pitchy, I think

We all knew this day was coming one way or another.  We have come so close in the past, but no one could quite punch the complete ticket.  Then we get this weekend, where EVERY matchup had a chance to make history.  But, alas, only one team completed the perfect week:  Sweet Chin Music defeats Team CCI, 10-0-0!  This match was over on Thursday, the true definition of a rout. I never thought it would happen; I’m sure the rest of the league is breathing a collective sigh of relief that it was not their team that was the first.

So, this means we can finally name the LOSER trophy.  I have put a poll on baseball homepage with 4 choices…please vote!

All the games were blowouts this week, and the standings really had some movement.  Congrats to Diamond Sharp (9-1-0) and Team Roberts (8-1-1) for statement(?) wins.


Tie – Saves: 10, G Moneyball


Team Roberts v. Diamond Sharp

Two teams coming off big lopsided victories last week.  Perhaps it will end 5-5-0?

The league can be found here.

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