LFB–Week 8 Recap: Manager Meltdown time?

Weaver was the best

Greetings from Switzerland. They have no concept or knowledge of baseball over here. Boo. I will keep this short and sweet this week as I am on limited time. We are closing in on the halfway point in the season and I have to ask…are you ready to meltdown due to your teams performance? A few teams might be due to their recent unfortunate rash of injuries. All I can say is…keep the faith. (B. Joel, 1992)

ROUT UPDATE: Barqs destroys Team Vidlund 9-1-0 to pull to within a couple of games in that division. HOLY COW deals out HARD JUSTICE to My Balls Ichiro. IF I write in more CAPITAL letters the BAR WENCH will bring me a FREE $9 BEER. #damneuros

New – Saves 14, G Moneyball


I Trust Theo v. Team Vidlund

A good division game between a low transaction manager and an autopick manager. Different strategies collide…LET’S WATCH! (Free beer)

The league can be found here.


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