LFB–Week 11 Recap: Don’t Mess with the Johan is making a move by not making moves

Not the best of the bunch

We are officially in the dog days of summer, and we have only 7 weeks of fantasy baseball left until the playoffs.  One team starting to make some noise: newly renamed ‘Don’t Mess With The Johan’.  Still a bit back in the division, but another impressive 8-2-0 victory this week keeps the solidly in the #4 spot.  I believe Johan even made a trade this week?  That makes 7 transactions on the year…

Team Vidlund is pulling away in the Harwell division with a dominant 9-1-0 victory over HOLY COW, now with a 9 game lead over Donnie Barqs.  8 game lead in the Caray for Sweet Chin Music, and the slimmest of leads (5.5 games) for G Moneyball in the Gammons division.  Lots of time left!

Tie – 61 RBI’s: Don’t Mess With The Johan


Diamond Sharp v. My Balls Ichiro

I hate to say now-or-never with 7 weeks to go, but…

The league can be found here.

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