LFB–Week 13 Recap: Heat wave outside and in the Fantasy League


It’s hot outside.  In fact, hit about 113 today in AZ.  There are also a few teams/players that are BURNING HOT right now in the LFB.

HOT:  Following last weeks drubbing of HC, Barqs comes within 2 stolen bases of ‘Mooding’ Bust-her Posey and finishes the week 9-1-0.  That is 17-2-0 the last two weeks, and they now only trail Team Vidlund by 3 games.

HOT:  Ever since the name change, this is arguably the team on the biggest tear.  Johan does it again, with a 7-2-1 whupping of Team CCI.  That is 23-6-1 the last three weeks, and now what was once a double digit division lead for SCM has shrunk to 3 games.  Wow!

HOT:  For those who haven’t yet gotten to enjoy facing Mike Trout yet, feel blessed.  I just went through it, hopefully not again this year.  This guy on pace to break all the fantasy records, his stats from this past week:  0.364 AVG, 6 runs, 3 HR’s, 7 RBI’s, and 4 stolen bases.  Enjoy, Harwell division teams…

HOT:  Well lookie here, who is this that jumped into the #6 playoff spot, last year’s runner-up, My Balls Ichiro, who takes I Trust Theo out to the shed and cruises to a 9-1-0 win.

Of course, with the All-Star game this week, this is an extended matchup, July 9th-22nd. (And no, all-star game stats don’t count…)

New – 64 RBI’s: Donnie Barqs


My Balls Ichiro v. Team Kelly

These teams are #6-#7 in the playoff chase, CRITICAL weeks.  No one is out of this yet.

The league can be found here.


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