LFB–Week 15 Recap: Playoff field…is nowhere near set in stone

Get ‘em, Joe

Last week of non-divisional play for the regular season, and some fairly lopsided scores that may have a big effect on the playoff chase.  My Balls Ichiro gets his namesake traded to the Yankees, and it pumps up the team to an 8-2-0 destruction of Team CCI.  This puts MBI in a good (but not yet solid) 6th spot in the playoffs at the moment.

I Trust Theo beats up on former Gus Macker teammate G Moneyball, 7-3-0.  This tightens up the Gammons division as Team Kelly gains 2 games.  And Sweet Chin Music tightens up their game with a huge 7-3-0 win over Donnie Barqs.

So, this week’s matchups seem pretty lame…the top two teams in each division play each other with the possibility that all 3 division leaders could lose their lead!  The playoff chase could change DRAMATICALLY this week. 

New – 0.3393 AVG: Don’t Mess With The Johan


Division #1 v. Division #2

As I mentioned, all three division have their top 2 teams matchup this week; gonna be a very interesting weekend coming up.

The league can be found here.


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