LFB–Week 16 Recap: It’s now or never for the Playoffs

Right on, Derek Dye

Two weeks left to go in the regular season, and 2 of the 3 division leaders got a little breathing room.  Going into Sunday’s action, Team Vidlund was feeling ‘Moody’ as they were up 10-0-0.  But Barqs wasn’t dead yet, and scraped up a couple of categories, and TV finishes up 8-2-0, and goes 10.5 up in the Harwell.

Sweet Chin Music hangs on for a 5-4-1 win over Johan, and extends their division lead to 6.5.  In the Gammons, much to discuss as G Moneyball’s lead is down to 3 games after getting LaRoche’d this week by Team Kelly.  Plus, making the maddest of dashes, Bust-her Posey sets two pitching records this week, and is fighting to get into the playoffs.  Winner of this division gets in, and probably no one else.

New – 11 wins: Bust-her Posey

New – 106 K’s: Bust-her Posey


Sweet Chin Music v. My Balls Ichiro

The current project 6th seed has several teams chasing, can they hold their own versus the division leader?

The league can be found here.


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