LFN Result–Watkins Glen: Ambrose does what he does best, wins road race


The Glen.  Wow!!! Two weeks in a row with a great race.  Quite a final lap I must say.  The Glen is always stressful as it is, but seeing the 18 and 24 spin around at end made a few people happy.  Barqs gets the skin and win over #1 Shake and Bake, and Chandler Smoke right the ship with a 1.25 pt victory over (again) hard luck loser Yooper Drive.

  • Barqs Motorsports def. Shake and Bake, 91.25-78.00
  • Chandler Smoke def. Yooper Drive, 95.25-94.00
  • Conn’s Bastards def. T-Bone, 82.25-51.50
  • Fender Benders def. Pecos Flames, 73.50-71.75
  • Buzz def. Happy Hour JR Machine, 90.50-38.25

Skin:  Marcos Ambrose (Barqs Motorsports), $5

In a strange twist, the Pecos Flames change their lineup last minute, and it costs them the victory as Fender Benders continue their impressive run and win by 1.75 pts.  Only 4 weeks to go in the season! And don’t look now, but we have a new leader in the Petty division…

Power Rankings:

  1. Shake and Bake, 16-6, 1,748.00 pts
  2. Conn’s Bastards, 15-7, 1,810.25 pts
  3. Happy Hour JR Machine, 15-7, 1,765.00 pts
  4. Pecos Flames, 12-10, 1,799.00 pts
  5. Fender Benders, 11-11, 1,629.50 pts
  6. Buzz, 10-12, 1,656.25 pts
  7. Barqs Motorsports, 9-13, 1,572.00 pts
  8. Chandler Smoke, 9-13, 1,483.00 pts
  9. T-Bone, 7-15, 1,438.75 pts
  10. Yooper Drive, 6-16, 1,598.75 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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