LFB–Week 18 Recap: Bring on Weeks of Justice!

King Felix

The regular season concludes with a small amount of drama as Team Kelly did their best to chase down the last playoff spot, but in the end, G Moneyball hangs on (barely) and clinches the division title by 3 games. 

Team Vidlund continues to stroll through the fantasy baseball park, slaughtering Diamond Sharp, 9-1-0, and securing the division, the #1 seed, and the Rod Allen ‘Filthy’ award for the league’s best record.  Can their trio of Angels carry them to the title?

King Felix gets a perfect game, causing a team name change, but new crowned Perfect in Seattle gets crowned by My Balls Ichiro, 9-1-0, thus giving Sweet Chin Music the division title and the #2 seed.

All teams are in action except the top two seeds, so keep an eye on the consolation bracket.

None – Done for the season

(5) Perfect In Seattle vs. (4) Donnie Barqs
(6) My Balls Ichiro vs. (3) G Moneyball

The league can be found here.


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