LFN Results–Bristol: Nice two-handed toss, Smoke

Crazy race!

A quick update as the majority of us are still recovering from the Vegas shakes; quite the lively race!  What the hell was Danica doing out there, going Mutumbo on Regan Smith?  And Smoke limply throwing his helmet at Kenseth’s car?  Nice!  Let’s go racing boys! 

  • Happy Hour JR Machine def. Shake and Bake, 96.00-78.00
  • Yooper Drive def. Pecos Flames, 80.25-69.00
  • Barqs Motorsports def. Chandler Smoke, 76.00-65.25
  • Conn’s Bastards def. Fender Benders, 80.25-63.50
  • Buzz def. T-Bone, 67.75-58.50

Skin:  Denny Hamlin (Happy Hour JR Machine), $5

Playoff Scenarios:  There are only 2 races left in the regular season, and despite losing the last few races, Shake and Bake clinched the division title and a bye a few weeks ago.  In the Petty division, Conn’s Bastards currently holds the tie-breaker over HHJM, so they have a first round bye if they can hold on to the points lead and match HHJM’s record.  Yooper Drive and T-Bone are eliminated, and all the other teams have a fighting shot…bring on the ATL.

Power Rankings:

  1. Conn’s Bastards, 17-7, 1,996.00 pts
  2. Shake and Bake, 16-8, 1,904.25 pts
  3. Happy Hour JR Machine, 17-7, 1,947.25 pts
  4. Pecos Flames, 12-12, 1,952.00 pts
  5. Buzz, 12-12, 1,817.75 pts
  6. Fender Benders, 11-13, 1,760.50 pts
  7. Barqs Motorsports, 11-13, 1,745.50 pts
  8. Chandler Smoke, 9-15, 1,609.25 pts
  9. Yooper Drive, 8-16, 1,728.75 pts
  10. T-Bone 7-17, 1,545.50 pts

Full results/standings are here.


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