LFFL Week 2 Recap: Last year’s non-playoff teams starting out strong

Where’s Kim?

A quick update since Week 3 is already upon us, just some things I noticed as I looked at the scoreboard:

  • Another new team name?  No longer are they MOTU, now out of nowhere we have Lupe’s Warriors with a scary new logo.  Seems to have worked as they are 2-0
  • Also 2-0, two other non-playoff teams from last year, Chandler Monsoon and yet another new name, FgLgDg Senator.  I have no idea what that means.  We have so many cryptic names this year; is this the LFFL or an rundown of the Sunday shift employees at Christies Cabaret?
  • Congrats to skins winner, Hilty’s Heroes, the 3rd Bullet Train in franchise history.
  • Rough starts for both of the Bastards, the Dust Devils, and the BULLDOGS, all sit at 0-2.  Key division games for them this week.

Key Matchups: Week 2
Lupe’s Warriors v. H.Y.C.: One will leave division play 3-0
Dust Devils v. BULLDOGS: One will leave division play 0-3.

As always, the spreadsheet with finances and stats will be updated, and can be located at LFFL stats.


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