LFFL Week 2 Recap: Dust Devils ‘Brown’-out the Bulldogs

Another quick/late update as apparently the replacement refs have taken over my computer; won’t get much better as I am off on vacation for the next 2 weeks.  Anyways…props to the Dust Devils, bouncing back from the Crappie to get the Bullet Train and push the I’ll-draft-the-49ers-defense-way-too-early-and-fool-everyone BULLDOGS.  Good times…ride that waiver wire, Mood!  Other notes:

  • It was said that the end of the MNF game changed about 69,000 fantasy football game outcomes.  Almost looked that way for the Senator early on as ARod was getting battered around, but in the end, FxXxXx easily wins and moves to 3-0.  Look out!
  • For the first time in league history we have three teams to start 0-3, and leading the charge is try-to-draft-last-years-winners-team-and-fool-everyone Mikes Bastards, who limps to the Crappie with 53 pts.
  • Lupe strikes again, and cha-cha’s their way to a 10 pt victory over H.Y.C.  Must be the energy of being newly engaged (CK, not BK…as far as I know).

Key Matchups: Week 4
Lupe’s Warriors v. FgLgDg Senator: Whoa!
Hilty’s Heroes v. Mikes Bastards: Uh…whoa.

The spreadsheet is located here at LFFL stats.


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